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Improving Patient Perception: The Benefits of Comfort Care®

Posted by ImageFIRST on Sep 27, 2016 8:31:00 AM

A patient’s perception of your healthcare facility will impact your reputation, so it’s important to given them a remarkable experience. At ImageFIRST, we understand this and guarantee that our Comfort Care products will leave a lasting and beneficial impression.

We have measured how well our Comfort Care line of patient apparel, bed and bath linen and medical scrubs have benefitted facilities in Akron, OH and throughout the country. The results are quite staggering! They show that switching to our Comfort Care line has a major impact in boosting patient perception.

Are the gowns you use improving your patients’ perception of your facility? If not, ours will. We guarantee it. Our Comfort Care line of medical scrubs have a number of great benefits.

Guaranteed Comfort
The softness of our Comfort Care gowns provides patients with a uniquely cozy and comfortable experience and puts them at ease. We promise that by switching to our Comfort Care products, your patients’ perception will be improved by at least 50 percent. If not, we will give you one free month of service. That is our guaranteed Plush Promise. This high level of satisfaction pays dividends for both you and your patient.

Dedication to Cleanliness

We are dedicated to putting your staff and patients first by holding high standards of both comfort and cleanliness. Our sanitization processes are meticulously conducted to ensure you are getting the very best. All of our products -- scrubs, lab coats, warm-up jackets, surgical gowns and more -- are laundered using our sanitizing Triple BioShield Protection® process, which kills up to 99.999 percent of bacteria.

Quality Assurance

With our Comfort Care products, you will never have to worry about them being ripped or dirty. By using our 5-Point Product Quality System, we ensure that your products are in top condition. This system includes:

  1. Premium Products
  2. High Sanitizing Standards
  3. Bright White Standards
  4. Individually Packaged Gowns
  5. Independent Laboratory Testing

By switching to our Comfort Care line of patient gowns, the perception of your healthcare facility will improve. To learn more, you can download our whitepaper “Minor Change, Major Impact: How Patient Gowns and Robes Affect Patient Perception” here.

If you have any questions about our Comfort Care products or are looking for a medical scrub provider in Columbus, OH, call us or read more on our website.