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Now Introducing Our New Health Systems Solution Online Catalog!

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jul 5, 2016 10:25:52 AM

The healthcare industry is continuously consolidating, with facilities’ objective to provide the best level of care. As healthcare companies grow, many look for solutions that will help them develop their brand. Partnerships with vendors are important more now than ever for ensuring excellent care and improving the healthcare system. With 50 years of experience in the medical industry, ImageFIRST — the leading laundry provider and medical uniform linen service in Cleveland, OH– aims to help providers accomplish their primary goal of offering quality, compassionate care.

Everything we do here at ImageFIRST Cleveland is focused on enhancing the patient experience, which in turn can produce a positive image of the medical facility. Linens, towels, apparel and healthcare uniforms in Cleveland, OH, can play a large role in not only providing patient satisfaction, but also forging the brand. With high-quality lab coats bearing your logo, patients are sure to develop a positive outlook on your facility when they are given bright white linens to sleep on and exceptionally soft garments from the Comfort Care line to wear.

Our products are specially designed with the patient in mind. We are always looking to improve and change what could be better. That’s why we recently debuted an all-new Health Systems Solution Online Catalog, presenting topnotch products designed to meet each of your health system needs. In the catalog, you will find medical laundry solutions for every aspect of the healthcare realm, from scrubs and lab coats, to breast center linens and facility services. Unlike other laundry providers, we cater specifically to the healthcare field, so we have a unique understanding of the industry.

You can trust us. Why? Because we are on your side! Like you, we too want to provide the best for patients. We understand, and are familiar with, the importance of infection prevention. In fact, our unique processes and practices are all in compliance with the standards of OSHA and the CDC, going above and beyond to provide the best-in-class. We know that the patient experience of your facility is paramount, which is why we offer the Comfort Care line – a specialized product collection that is designed exclusively for healthcare purposes. All of our products are quality-made and hand-inspected.


We also realize the need for cost management. To help alleviate overspending in the laundry department, we manage your linen inventory for you. We want to make sure you have enough linen at all times without overpaying for an amount you don’t need. Working together, both of us can determine the best laundry solution for your specific needs. For more details, take a look at our online catalog now available.    

We operate with a national outreach to help providers everywhere. We strive to provide an excellent level of service that is centered on patient care. Contact us today to inquire about a partnership with our high-quality medical laundry renting, delivering and cleaning services.