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Patient Testimonials; Straight from Our Comfort Care Line

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Oct 1, 2015 9:52:00 AM

In 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act created significant changes in the ways that healthcare organizations of all kinds rendered care. Now, Americans are using outpatient facilities more for their non-emergent matters, instead of hospitals and emergency rooms, as there are more choices available pertaining to how they wish to handle their medical needs.

Cleveland healthcare facilities run the gamete from fully-fledged hospitals to small outpatient care practices and facilities. Unfortunately, with the way things are, these different facilities are competing for the same patients. In order to keep up with the competition, medical practices and facilities are focusing more than ever on the patient experience, specifically their comfort and satisfaction. This is especially seen in women’s health facilities, where privacy and a warm, welcoming environment is integral to success. Healthcare facilities more than ever need to provide a comfortable, reassuring environment and experience, especially during the most difficult or uncomfortable procedures, exams and tests.

We developed our groundbreaking Comfort Care Line because we understand that a patient’s gown plays a huge role in a patient’s perception and opinion of a facility; it molds their overall experience. The Comfort Care Line delivers a high quality product—the most exceptionally comfortable, luxurious, warm and cozy gowns available on the market. Our fabrics are light and breathable, while also being warm, durable and absorptive. All of this is complete with a soft texture, with the gown draping like natural fiber cloths to help soothe and reassure a patient.

Each of our Comfort Care gowns and robes are crafted in a full-cut style, offering complete coverage with options in modern colors and stylish trims. These gowns and robes are quite versatile, and can be worn as either front or rear opening, depending on the patient’s needs. We offer our clientele several options in gown and robe styles, including:

  • “Mammo” Gowns – These gowns feature a shorter length, making them optimal for breast centers, mammography, cardiology exams and stress testing.
  • Plush Scoop Neck Gowns – These full-length, full-cut gowns are lightweight, warm and plush, and are able to fit a wide variety of body types and sizes. They can be worn with the front or rear open, making it a great choice for imaging, OB/GYN or any other practice where there is a strict focus on patient comfort.
  • Reversible Plush Gowns – These full-length and versatile gowns are generously cut with ties on both the inside and outside to ensure the patient stays covered whether it’s open in the front or the back. These are perfect for small family practices, imaging facilities, OB/GYNs and much more.
  • Standard Plush Robes – These garments are full-length with a wrap-around attached belt and a generous cut; great for spas, breast centers and imaging facilities.

We don’t just make these claims without being able to back them up—hear what patients are saying after using our gowns and linens:


“I noticed how white the gown was and that they were quality items. They looked expensive and not like your average gown. The gown made me feel covered, safe, and comfortable and I didn’t mind wearing it in front of others in the office. I felt very relaxing wearing the robe. My thoughts about the healthcare facility was that I knew they cared very much about their patients and wanted them to feel comfortable. These robes looked and felt very expensive and I’m sure they could’ve used a cheaper brand, but I feel that they really wanted patients to feel their best! Thanks for the wonderful experience!”

- Nellie P., Oxford, CT


Beautiful Material. So soft. So light. It wrapped around my body like no other robe had before. I was amazed at the quality. I simply loved it. I felt protected and covered. I was completely comfortable in my environment. I did not feel exposed. By giving me this robe, I knew this practice wanted to take care of me. They cared about my experience. I was diagnosed with cancer. These visits are tough for me. But this gown makes me feel better; I am comfortable in the office when wearing it. This facility was truly supportive during my treatment visits and committed to my comfort.”

- Rosa B., Miami, FL


We provide versatile gowns, scrubs, uniforms, and linens solutions for healthcare facilities of all sizes throughout Cleveland. To learn more about our versatile services and products, please contact us at your earliest convenience at 1.800.932.7472 or email